from my window

Is anyone there? I’ve been in retreat.
Fantastic gift.
I feel a bit like Rip Van Winkle. yawn…

What’s New? Finally replaced my antique Dreamweaver 4 (wince) website:
whiter whites, bluer blues, redder reds, and a few more slide shows in
the new foundation. The site is still gathering notice
from search engines as tags and metatags begin networking: I imagine
zillions of 0’s and 1’s running like excited ants in the ethernet, swarming.

I’ve logged on to post From My Winter Window: four photo montages from my
photo captures of wintering bird friends.  I was delighted the flickers brought a couple fluffy fledglings to the feeder area this spring.

The last picture is a Cooper’s Hawk.I witnessed a successful strike and one near-miss, they are like lightening. Everyone needs to eat, the swift Cooper’s Hawk as well. The owls, ah, only memories. Loved to hear them courting in late spring through the night, flying
from tree to tree, night games. Birds are magical, well animals are magical.
The deer visited often through the browse hours, discerned the distinct sounds
of their movement through snow or on hard frozen snow, the mews of their calls.
They too liked the bird feeders, licking them like lollipops.

I’ve worked up 4 montages so far. These graphics are posted on for print on everything from pillows to shower curtains.  View at

POD books are in the works for late summer.
Never idle & Wishing all best,

ALXSw_muleDeer_2_w ALXSw_muleDeer_herd1_w ALXSw_flicker2ALXSw_flicker_1_wcoopersHawk_141



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